2022 FBU Richmond Tryout

The Path To Naples Continues Here:

10U and 8th Grade – September 25th from 12 – 2:30 (Check In Opens at 11:15)

6th and 7th Grade – October 2nd from 12 – 2:30 (Check In Opens at 11:15)

Henrico High School Stadium

12:00- 2:30

Check-In (11:15 – 11:50)

FBU Richmond will provide:
  • Safety Equipment
  • Footballs & Field Testing Equipment
  • Footballs – 6th and 7th grade play with TDJ sizes and 8th grade plays with TDY
  • Rostered players in-season will get game jerseys and swag at the regional (and national if applicable) tournament.   All other equipment is to be provided by the player (including helmet – contact us if that is an issue).


Athletes should bring:

  • Shorts, Sweat Pants, Compression Tights etc (as preferred by athlete),
  • Cleats
  • Mouthpiece
  • Any additional protective/supportive Braces or Wraps
  • Water/Sports Drinks (We will not have watering stations)
  • Energy Bars/Fruit etc.


Athletes/Parents should also be prepared for:

  • There is NO registration fee for tryouts.
  • We are finalizing full team costs but we anticipate registration costs to play being approximately $195 per player (with a fundraising opportunity to offset that cost plus travel expenses).  NOTE – our principal objective here is to put the best possible team on the field to represent us as well as give our local players national exposure   That being said, we are here to work with you and will never deny any child the ability to play football so please contact your Head coach with concerns going forward in that arena
  • Results will be announced electronically throughout the tryout process (objective is for coaches to evaluate the players together and also to avoid congregations of players, parents and coaches on the field afterwards).  Some players may learn of results sooner than others.
  • Head coaches are happy to discuss performance results at that point
  • We have asked each player to identify a primary and secondary position to tryout for. During the course of workouts, coaches may elect to move some players around to different positions on a trial basis based on their observations.  In an all-star environment, skill sets often can fit better at different positions than players are accustomed to on their regular team.
  • Some photos and videos of the tryouts will be shared on social media   Should you NOT be okay with your son being shown on any social media platforms, please inform us of that during or before registration

While we will not have drills with intentional contact, there is a high likelihood of unintentional contact during the 1-on-1 portions of drills.   If there are any current or pre-existing health, injury or medical conditions it is urgent that we are made aware

All Teams Will Tryout from 12:30 – 3:00!  Check in times from 11:00 – 12:15.